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Our Ragdolls

Meet our feline family.


Gross Gold Shine

AKA, "Mr. Tumnus" is a large boy with big, strong bone structure. His father was a grand champion in the show ring and there is no doubt that he will pass these champion bloodlines to his offspring.


       Quentin is a gorgeous seal lynx bicolor. He is the perfect representation of the Ragdoll breed. Although quiet and laid back, Quentin does not have a shy bone in his body. He has the sweetest disposition and loves attention from everyone.



Ella Rose

Ella Rose is a seal bicolor. All it takes is a whistle and she will come running, although she's usually at our side and doesn't stray too far from me. She has a beautiful, plush coat and big blue eyes that peer into your soul. She's the cat that will make even dog lovers convert.



  Pani, a seal mitted, was imported from Poland. Her polish name means "lady" or "madam", which seems fitting for her elegant graceful personality. Her elegance doesn't damper her spirit to play though, pull out one of her teaser toys, and she's the first to launch into the air after it.

Ivory Paige

  Ivory is a seal mitted lynx and is the larger of the girls. She can easily entertain herself if her people aren't around, but when they are, she faithfully follows her human everywhere.

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